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1)   When will my technician be here?
2)   Will anyone know that you are at my home to treat for bed bugs?
3)   How long will my treatment take?
4)   What do I have to do to prepare for my treatment?
5)   How does the initial meeting with technician take place?
6)   Are you insured?
7)   What if I haven't done everything recommended to prepare?
8)   Will the technician do an inspection before he treats my home?
9)   Can I be in my home when the technician is treating it?
10) How long do I have to be out of my home after my treatment is finished?
11) What does the technician treat?
12) Are the products used to treat my home safe?
13) Will I see bugs after the initial treatment?
14) How many treatments will be necessary?
15) What type of guarantee do you offer?
16) Is there anything that I can do between treatments to supplement?
17) Can I clean my home between treatments?
18) Should I clean my home before you arrive?
19  How are my pets affected?
20) What do I do about my laundry?
21) What do I do about my 'dry clean only' laundry?
22) What do I do with my closets?
23) What about my curtains?
24) What about my shoes, belts, books, papers?
25) How do I know my dryer is hot enough?
26) What are encasements and why do I need them?
27) What if I have to change my appointment?
28) Merchandise return policy

 When will my technician be here?
When you book your treatment  you will be given a two hour time window of arrival. Your technician will arrive within those two hours.

 Will anyone know that you are at my home to treat for bed bugs?
Our technicians do not wear any identifying patches on their uniform that would indicate to anyone that they are there to perform an extermination of any sort. In fact, most bystanders (neighbors etc.) think we're there to fix a cable line or to perform some other function other than an extermination. Our vehicles do not say  'pest control' or show our company name on them.  Discretion is paramount to us and your privacy is maintained .

 How long will my treatment take?
Depending on the size of your home and the degree of clutter (or lack thereof) your treatment may take as little as thirty minutes or as long as two hours or more. Your technician will give you a better idea of how long he estimates your treatment will take when he's there and has assessed your particular situation.

 What do I have to do to prepare for my treatment?
Please click here for a detailed description of what we recommend you do to prepare for your treatment

 How does the initial meeting with the technician take place?

When your technician arrives he will introduce himself to you and get some background information from you. He will assess your your particular situation, determine whether you've seen the bugs, examine any specimens that you may have collected, help you to determine  where you may have brought them into your home from and  assess how long you suspect that you've been dealing with the problem.

The technician will ask you to give him a tour of your home. While this is taking place he will be formulating his plan of action and he will be doing an inspection as well. Please ensure that you mention any specific items that you would like him to treat at this point - luggage, specific area(s) that may not be obvious during the tour etc.

When the 'tour' is completed, the technician will complete the work order and have you sign it. This is required prior to treatment commencement. At this point you will pay for your treatment and the work will begin after you've exited your home.

 Are you insured?
Yes! Our company and our technicians are fully insured and bonded by North America's largest and most respected commercial insurance underwriter.

 What if I haven't done everything recommended to prepare?
We do recommend preparing as per the 'Prep' sheet to the greatest extent possible. If however you are unable to do so, either due to time contraints or physical inability our technician will endeavor to complete as much as possible for you to ensure that the best possible job is completed. Our goal is not 'control', our goal is elimination and a proper prep is an essential element towards that goal.

 Will the technician do an inspection before he treats my home?
Yes! The technician will be doing an inspection while you are giving him the tour of your home.

 Can I be in my home while the technician is treating it?
No. By law you are not permitted to be in your home while the technician is treating it. The technician will give you an idea of how long the treatment will take and he will co-ordinate a time for you to return to lock your home after he is finished. Please note that our technicians cannot wait more than 10 minutes for you to return to lock up and may be forced to leave after the treatment is finished before you return should you take longer. Our technicians are not permitted to lock your home for you upon completion of the job. We recommend staying in the general neighborhood while the technician is treating your home and making yourself available promptly for when the treatment is done.

 How long do I have to be out of my home after my treatment is finished?
We recommend returning to your home no less than 4 to 6 hours after the treatment is completed. You must not return for a minimum of 2 (two) hours at any rate. For those with infants, toddlers, pregnant women or those suffering from any chronic illness we recommend not returning for 24 hours. Please advise us if this is the case.

 What does the technician treat?
The technician will perform a thorough treatment of all rooms in your home (except kitchens). This will include mattresses, box springs, headboard, bed frames, dressers and dresser drawers, armoires closets, night stands and their drawers, light-switches and electrical outlets (located within 3 feet of every bed), sofas, lounge chairs and any other appropriate furniture. Please make sure to specify any specific articles that you would like treated (luggage etc.) to your technician during the pre-treatment tour.

 Are the products used to treat my home safe?

Yes! All of the products that we use to treat your home are licensed and approved by the Federal Government of Canada. These products are regulated in their use by the Ontario Provincial Government. We adhere strictly and rigidly to all regulation(s) and laws applicable to pesticide application. All of the products that we use to treat your bed bug problem have a low mammalian toxicity.

 Will I see bugs after my initial treatment?
After your initial treatment you may continue to see activity for up to 72 hours. The pesticides that are used to treat your home are quite effective and posses a good initial 'knock-down' capability. Older, more mature bed bugs may take longer to die. During the time between your first and second treatment, any eggs that were laid beforehand will begin to hatch and these bugs may be visible to you in the interim prior to your second treatment.

You should note that immediately after your technician has completed the first treatment it is common to actually see more bed bugs than you had previously seen. The reason for this is that the bugs have been disturbed by the application of the chemicals that they have now been exposed to. This will often cause them to crawl out of their hiding places and act erratically. During this time period we suggest that you vacuum the bugs themselves and dispose of them - either by discarding the vacuum bag itself - or by emptying the vacuum cartridge and rinsing it out if that is the type of vacuum that you are using.

 How many treatments will be necessary?
The vast majority of the time we are able to rectify a bed bug infestation in the two full treatments provided. Sometimes, more treatments are necessary. There are a number of reasons why this might be the case. They include: Insufficient preparation, re-infestation (neighbor, adjacent unit, work related etc.), Insufficient laundering of household articles, failure to utilize mattress and box-spring encasements etc. We work with you to maximize the likelihood that we will see a positive outcome in the first two treatments. Although we endeavour to eradicate a bed bug infestation in two treatments we simply cannot guarantee that we will be able to do so. Please click below to view, download and /or print our service guarantee.

 What type of guarantee do you offer?
We offer a fantastic service guarantee. Please click here to read our service guarantee.

 Is there anything that I can do between treatments to supplement?
Between your initial and follow-up treatments you can help the process along by vacuuming up any live bed bugs that you may come across. Be sure to dispose of them as described above to avoid creating a safe harbourages site in your vacuum for them to live. Vaccuming your mattress' and box springs vigorously is highly recommended.

We highly recommend purchasing mattress encasements! Mattress encasements greatly assist in achieving a positive result by simply trapping any live bugs in the mattress and/or box spring encasement and preventing any others from re-infesting those articles from the exterior. They are a proven safe, simple and effective method of bed bug extermination supplementation.

 Can I clean my home between treatments?
We recommend limited cleaning of your home in between your initial and follow-up treatments so as to avoid disturbing the treatment that has been applied. If you feel you absolutely must clean we ask that you not wet-mop or sweep within 4 inches of any baseboard and only vacuum the center of any carpeted rooms. We do, however, recommend rigorously vacumming your mattresses and box-springs after the initial treatement has taken place. You may see some powder-type residue in or on certain types of furniture, please do not remove this as it has been carefully placed there to assist in the extermination process.

We recommend no thorough cleaning of your home  until after 14 days has elapsed from the date of your follow-up treatement with no further evidence of bed bug activity being seen.

 Should I clean my home before you arrive?
No!...with one exception. 
 A normal and perfectly understandable tendancy of most people is to frantically clean their home before they have someone come in.  We ask that you sweep around the baseboards to remove any dirt or dust that may have accumulated over time as this dust/dirt may obsorb some of the products that we apply and render it ineffective - other than that, we ask that you refrain from vacuuming mattresses, box springs etc. After the treatment it is recommended that the cleaning as described above is accomplished.

 How are my pets affected?
The same regulations that apply to humans also apply to mammalian pets (cats, dogs etc.). The pets must be removed from the treatment area(s) for the same duration of time as your homes' human occupants. Fish and aquatic life however, are treated a bit differently.

Fish in an aquarium must be prepared as follows:

a) Cover the top and any other opening(s) of the aquarium securely with plastic
b) turn 'off' the aerator (if there is one)

Please advise us if you have any other types of pets such as birds, lizards etc.

 What do I do about my laundry?
This is the most common question that we answer in a day. Proper laundering of your household articles is an essential element leading to a positive result. The most common cause of a lingering infestation or re-infestation is improper laundering of infested material.

Before we talk about the laundering itself, it is important to understand the following:

a) Bed bugs do indeed infest articles of clothing and bedding as well as stuffed animals etc.
b) It is heat that kills the bedbugs and their eggs
c) Proper laundering of your infested and/or potentially infested clothing and bedding articles greatly increases the likelyhood of a positive result.

Our recommendations:

Mild infestation (experiencing bites but only seeing limited number of bugs)

1) Dry all of your clothing, bedding etc. on 'high' for one hour
2) Bag and seal the dried articles - do not open until the infestation has been erradicated
3) The clothing that you are using during the process (between the first and second treatments) should be dried on 'high' for one hour no later than the 3rd day after the second treatment.

Moderate - Severe infestation (seeing multiple bed bugs - more than 10)

1) Wash all of your clothing / bedding etc. on 'hot' on the most rigorous cycle available
2) Dry all of your clothing, bedding etc. on 'high' for one hour then dry them again on 'high' for another hour
3) The clothing that you are using during the extermination process should be washed on 'hot' and dried on 'high' for one hour no later than the 3rd day after the second treatment.

Please DO NOT put your laundered clothing back into your dresser drawers until the infestation has been erradicated. If in doubt, please call us for guidance.

 Please visit for information on professional bed bug laundry service.

 What do I do about my 'Dry-Clean Only' Laundry?

Dry-clean only laundry should be dry cleaned by an operator that uses PERC ( PERCHLOROETHYLENE).
The reason for this is that this process is a hot process and has a better chance of killing the bed bug eggs

 What do I do with my closets?
The closets located in your bedrooms should be cleared around the baseboards to give access for treatment. If you see bed bugs crawling on or about the walls of your closets then all hanging clothes should be removed and laundered appropriately. If, however you do not see crawling bugs in the immediate area of your hanging clothes, it should be alright to leave them hanging where they are. When your technician conducts his inpection he will let you know if he feels you should launder those articles as well.

 What about my curtains?
We do recommend that curtains located in 'target' rooms (those rooms with confirmed bed bug activity) be removed and dried on 'high' for one hour if possible. If this is not possible, let your technician know and he will treat them while hanging.

 What about my shoes, belts, books, papers?
Shoes and belts are just fine left where they are (away from the baseboards in closets though). If your infestation is severe (numberous bed bugs on these articles) any books on book shelves and papers in filing cabinets should be bagged, sealed and left that way for about 18 months (bed bugs cannot live for more than that period of time without a blood-meal).  Should your bed bug problem be less than severe you may leave these articles where they are. Our technician will treat appropriately on and around these areas with residual products.

 How do I know if my dryer is hot enough?
Because there is no way to be sure how hot your actual dryer gets, we recommend drying your articles on 'High' for one hour. This should be sufficient to eliminate any bugs and their eggs that may be in your clothing, bedding or other articles.

 What are encasments and why do I need them?
Mattress and box-spring encasements are specially designed covers that are put over your mattress' and box-springs. The encasements completely seal the mattress and box-spring and deny access to any bugs from getting in or getting out. Highly recommended by various levels of government as well as by us - these encasements should be part of the extermination process due to their extreme effectiveness. We carry the very best in the world. Ask us about them - we ship directly to your door.

 What if I have to change my appointment?
Your appointment has been arranged with you to fall between two times (the appointment window). Your technician should arrive between these two times. We understand that sometimes one may be unable to keep an appointment time. We ask that you give us a minimum of 24 hours notice if you would like to change an appointment time and / or re-schedule your appointment. We are happy to do this for you but we reserve the right to apply a missed appointment fee of $89 should you not be able to give us 24 hours notice.

What if I have more questions?
You may have more questions... Please feel free to call us at any time should you need more advice or simply a sympathetic shoulder - We're here to help!   (289) 837-1701

 Merchandise return policy
If you have purchased mattress and/or box spring or pillow encasements from us our return policy is as follows:

a) If your order is still in transit and has not yet reached its destination, there is a 10% restocking fee (based on the order total) applied to any refund that may be issued to you.
b) Unfortunately, due to the nature of and the reason for needing these products, any product that has been delivered cannot be returned for refund. Once the product has reached the specified destination the sale becomes final.


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